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Arcoda Work

The software suite designed to support the operations coordination

Arcoda Work is our software suite that includes all our products thought to support the utilities in their digital innovation. It provides a faster and innovative path to foster organizational change. Arcoda Work ensures a complete ad updated overview of your workforce, vehicles and assets, and it therefore improves the operation’s coordination.

Let’s discover the Arcoda Work Suite’s products!

Arcoda Next logo

Network information system

The Field-based information management system, that works offline!

Arcoda Next is the field-based information management system that is specially designed to support your organisation on its digitalisation journey. Next is easy to use, provides access to GIS information, data and documentation, ensuring productivity gains, even when there is no internet connection. Now tighter collaboration between back-office and field-based teams is a reality, keeping your organisation ahead of prevailing regulatory and customer demands.

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Learn with Enrico and Nestor why taking your GIS mobile with Next saves your company money.

Arcoda Smart logo

Digitized information flows for field based teams

Increase the effectiveness of field based operatives by improving communication via digitized information

Arcoda Smart is the highly versatile mobile app which assists organizations in their digital transformation journey. Information flow is improved and the effectiveness of field based operatives increased. Field operatives receive timely and accurate information directly to their smartphone. Once downloaded your team can focus on getting the job done, even when there is no internet connection.

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Arcoda Asset logo

Mapping of field assets

The easiest way of knowing the layout of assets on the ground

Arcoda Asset is the ideal solution for acquiring knowledge about the position of your field assets. The system has been designed to track the objects by applying to them a sturdy and economically convenient tag that is then read by the smartphones on which the reading and localisation app is installed. The function works offline too!

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Arcoda Sat logo

Monitoring and telemetry of vehicles

Tracking vehicles for the remote monitoring of work shifts

Arcoda Sat goes beyond traditional vehicle tracking. Sat, for example, also offers remote monitoring of work shifts of field vehicles, requests for help, capsizing alarm, and the sending of driver identification data. Satellite tracking and management of field work operations merge into a single software product that is reliable and highly performing.

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Arcoda WF-Tracker logo

Tracking of field activities

The ideal solution for tracking activities in real time

Arcoda WF Tracker is the simplest and most flexible solution for the real-time tracking of the work performed by each field operative or vehicle. It provides for effective reporting of the activities performed on the ground and for a constantly updated picture of work progress. All you need is the Android app installed on the operative’s smartphone!

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Arcoda Time logo

Attendance monitoring directly on board vehicles

Attendance monitoring out of office, directly on board vehicles or at mobile work sites

Arcoda Time checks the attendance of personnel in the field, allowing for clocking in directly at the work site or on board a vehicle. The benefits are obvious: operatives no longer need to clock in at headquarters, and it is easier to check punctuality. Another advantage is that it also remotely provides information about work team composition.

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