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Arcoda Smart

Work orders sent directly to smartphones and tablets, even offline

Work orders from paper to digital

Work orders from paper to digital

Smart eliminates the use of paper, making communication less costly and much quicker.

Funzionamento offline

Always up and running, even if offline

Smart doesn’t stop when the Internet connection is down! The App has been designed to work even off-line and to ensure continuous workflow on the ground.

Chek in real time how work is progressing

Check in real time how work is progressing!

Smart makes information flow between operators and the management center easy and fast. The supervisor can check in real time how work is progressing!

Your smartphone becomes the only, simple and fast tool for managing the work order flow!

The flow of information between the management center and the operators on the ground has never been more efficient! The Arcoda Smart platform allows to prepare and send the Work Orders - already geo-referenced and complete with relating support documentation – directly to the smartphones of the operators concerned. In turn, the operators, thanks to their Android devices, can then update the work progress status and send geo-referenced reports back to the management center, if necessary with attachments (photographs taken in the field, criticality alerts, update reporting) and, where required, with the client’s signature signed directly on the handheld device. This way, everything is always under control!

Areas of application

Fields of application for Arcoda Smart


How does Arcoda Smart work?

The operators receive their geo-referenced Work Orders on the smartphone complete with any other document required for order completion. They can then update the work progress status and write their reports directly on the smartphone. Via the Web portal the supervisor can monitor the field activities and have an always clear and updated picture of the progress of the work, and dynamically change priorities and re-allocate resources. Smart can also assign specific operators the privileges required for autonomously creating Work Orders from the smartphone, and for sending remarks and reports from the field at their own initiative!

Smart general architecture
Planner for preparing work orders
Work orders placed on the mapa
Reports and work orders can also be prepared from the smartphone, on the initative of an employee
The managing centre prepares the work orders also with a specific planning tool
The operator's smartphone syncs and downloads the working orders list. Once downloaded, work orders are ready to be browsed.
The operator taps the "Navigate to" button and enables the assisted navigation to work site.
Using the Smart application, the operator fills the report on site and collects the signature of the client (signed by finger or stylus).
The operator may also attach files to the report (images, sounds, map croppings, annotations). The filled repors will reach the managing centre at the earliest sync activity.

Main features of Arcoda Smart

  • Everything the operator needs on the Android smartphone
  • Works off-line
  • API to ensure systems interoperability (SAP, Microsoft)
  • Planner
  • Customizable templates for defining work orders
  • Easy to install
  • Assisted navigation to work site
  • All activities are geo-referenced
  • Reporting with images, audio, remarks, coordinates
  • Street View integration: take a look at the work site
  • Bulk import of work orders managed by other platforms
  • Web portal for back office and android App
  • Sync policies can be set according to your bandwidth and network speed
  • Number of activities carried out and hours spent
  • Export your reports to several formats for use in other applications
  • LDAP compliant
  • Encrypted storage and secured communications between smartphone and server
  • Designed to work as a standalone as well as in cooperation with other Arcoda products