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Scopri la localizzazione flotte pensata anche per le utility e le aziende che erogano servizi ambientali.

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Complete tracking of waste management activities

  • Tracking of door-to-door waste collection
  • Monitoring of street cleaning, snow removal
  • Tracking of container emptyings and transfers
  • Monitoring and tracking of outsourced services
Volume-based billing for waste collection services is a method that is becoming increasingly more common, because it makes citizens more responsible and more willing to recycle. A choice of this kind envisages the use of suitable technologies that allow for highly computer-based automation tracking methods for door-to-door emptying, so as to shorten collection time and cut back management costs. Arcoda technology offers powerful and innovative platforms for the all-round tracking of waste collection activities, from the geolocation of emptying operations to the tracking of the route taken by the vehicles to the collection points. The solutions dedicated to waste management are many, ranging from the tracking of solid urban waste collection to that of street cleaning vehicles or of the activities conducted on foot by the personnel. Specific software also helps the utilities in running special waste collection operations and in locating the assets on the ground.
Monitoring of waste management activities (street cleaning, snow removal)

Monitoring of waste management activities (street cleaning, snow removal)

  • Arcoda solutions allow you to monitor the routes and the activities carried out, viewing them on Google Maps® maps and private maps owned by local bodies..
  • Read the schedule and check the coverage of planned services.
  • Certify the activity of third party operators.
  • Keep constant check on and accounting of costs to know at all times how the use of the resources is going.
  • Streamline the associated management and related subdivision of costs of services performed with shared resources based on area of operation.
Simplify monitoring and reporting of outsourced services

Simplify monitoring and reporting of outsourced services

Arcoda provides the software tools for smartphones and tablets for activity tracking and reporting via digital operation reports, therefore without the need for paper forms. The operator’s smartphone can also be used as a GPS vehicle tracker so as to allow the monitoring and reporting of all the activities performed by personnel on foot or on vehicles used only occasionally and therefore without GPS tracker.
  • Clearing of escarpments
  • Collection of voluminous materials
  • Collection of used clothing
  • Water drainage network cleaning, grass cutting, disinfestation and other operations related to various kinds of outsourced services
Monitoring of volume-based waste collection

Tracking and monitoring of volume-based waste collection

Arcoda solutions offer tracking of volume-based waste collection activities, monitoring of activity flow, accounting and certification of emptying operations. youTube
  • Viewing on map of collection points, routes, pick-up schedules and identifiers of emptied containers.
  • Tracking of collection available in various modes, according to level of automation required, starting from the use of a simple GPS unit to be installed on board up to a complete RFID UHF technology based system and operator console applied to the vehicle.
  • Profiling of system accesses in favour of waste collection service contractors.
  • Search of emptying operations carried out by applying alphanumerical and geographical filters.