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The most advanced technology for tracking, monitoring and managing vehicles on the ground

  • Fleet monitoring, locations, tracks, monitoring of refrigerated transport
  • Management of digital tachograph
  • Keep track of consumption, refill and drainage
  • Anti-theft, safety
  • Dashboard and reports. A window on driver activity on the ground providing a continuously updated picture on vehicle location!
  • Deadline reminder (insurance premiums, tax payments, scheduled inspections and maintenance)
Logistics is one of the most competitive sectors out there, so time and cost forecasting is key. The precise monitoring of trips, fuel consumption, driving hours and work shifts completed is of primary importance. Arcoda offers a wide range of innovative solutions that combine quality satellite tracking services with telemetry, attendance monitoring and safety functions, thereby fully meeting the requirements of drivers and supervisors. Proper coordination of the fleets and of the workforce makes the job easier and more profitable. Not just tracking, but an actual workforce management platform for workers on the move!
Tracking of vehicles and of their activity

Professional tracking of vehicles and of their work activities

  • Benefit from the GPS tracking of vehicles and obtain a constantly updated overview of their position and of the work trips under way.
  • Monitor the work activity of your staff and of the machinery installed on the vehicle
  • Discover the advantage in being able to integrate vehicle tracking functionalities into corporate procedures in synergy with the Geographic Information Systems and with those dedicated to workforce management.
  • Manage the fleet and the drivers based on the historical data regarding routes, fuel consumption control, driver recognition and with the help of the due register.
  • Set alarms and alerts, including via geofencing.
  • Download tachograph data remotely.
Work orders, collections, deliveries, operations

Work orders, collections, deliveries, operations in synergy with satellite tracking

  • Send work orders directly to the drivers’ smartphones, including delivery data and any attached documentation.
  • Allow drivers to fill in delivery receipts or operation reports on their smartphones, including the possibility of compiling check lists, attaching photographs and having the client sign directly on the phone display.
  • Manage the activities better with real time monitoring of delivery status.
  • Obtain a general overview on the map of how the activities are progressing.
Standard, cadastral, orthophoto maps

Use standard maps or your customised maps

  • Basic maps from Google Maps® and Open Data.
  • Maps of local or national bodies such as orthophotos and technical and cadastral maps.
  • Maps of points of interest and of the position of the headquarters of clients.
  • Distribution network maps.
Tracking of trailers and containers

Tracking of trailers and containers for a continuously updated geographic overview of assets

  • Monitor the movement of trailers, machinery and transported mobile goods for which you require updated mapping.
  • Display on maps the overview of trailers and containers, finding them and filtering them based on their characteristics.
  • You finally can have at all times the updated situation of your assets.