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Ranging from offline GIS on smartphones to augmented reality, always the best for forward-focused utilities

  • Easily deploy your cartography on smartphones and tablets used by employees on the field
  • Work orders for quotations and for completion of the work
  • Scheduled and not scheduled manteinance
  • Emergency management and detection of leaks
  • Collection of reports and remarks from the field
  • Upadated picture of the progress of the work
  • Inventories from the field
Urban systems are becoming increasingly more complex and spread out, and the technological transformation of cities is triggering a growing demand for new services, from electrical mobility to more performing and reliable telecom networks. The supply of electricity, telecommunications, gas, water and district heating requires more and more efficient technical management, capable of promptly tackling any disruptions. Arcoda solutions can provide the best technology to help utility companies upgrade their operations management processes, in order to continuously enhance the quality of services, while cutting back on time and costs. Our highly innovative software platforms for workforce management is the best possible response for municipal utility companies and network managers looking to efficiently deploy their field workforce while looking constantly forward.
From paper to digital

New productivity tools supporting utility companies in the digital changeover

Digital transformation serves the purpose not just of achieving a paperless office, but of grasping the precious opportunities offered by the development or new IT tools capable of improving operations management!
  • It can help you, in time, to develop and expand the database of your field activities, laying the foundations for the further development of new tools for the continuous digitisation and improvement of your business processes.
  • Integrate your business intelligence tools to identify current and future trends.
  • Thanks to a more comprehensive database, you can model and obtain ever more accurate indicators enabling you to verify the quality of your services.
  • Improve your forecasting skills and make sure you can better appraise the resources you need to tackle both routine and extraordinary events.
  • Assess how accurately and reliably any outsourced operations meet the expected service levels.
  • Easily monitor work progress and dynamically reschedule your activities.
  • Ensure real-time reporting from the field, thanks to the digitisation of information flows and easily monitor, at all times, the progress of assigned activities.
  • Seamlessly plug in to innovative operations management technology thanks to information digitisation.
All you need is just one touch away on your smartphone

Software suites for supporting field operatives

  • Smartphones are essential for day-to-day team operations! Managing the flow of information from head office to teams on the ground, and vice versa, has never been easier. Work orders, maps, information, documents are managed and transmitted from and to the head office via the field operatives’ smartphones, thanks to the digital transformation of operating processes.
  • Make sure that your field crews are always fully operational by installing our Arcoda apps, which back up information to make it available at all times, online and offline as well, in case of network outage!
  • Enable your operatives to speed up their work on the ground by ensuring constant access, via smartphone, to all the information they need, even in case of a network outage! GIS applications for smartphones can make a huge difference for crews who are constantly on the move and need to get to a location or incident as quickly as they can! This can speed up response to both routine and emergency incidents without any errors or misunderstandings!
  • Network data analyses and filters directly via smartphone. In the case of electrical grids, for example: powered grid, geographical location, list of utility users.
  • A field operative can immediately retrieve any maps, information or documents on his smartphone.
  • Put an end to knowledge-based ties between operatives and a specific area! Thanks to mobile GIS applications any operative can receive the background information he needs to tackle incidents anywhere in the network, even areas he’s not familiar with.
  • Install tools on the smartphones used by the work crews that can help them quickly identify the information they need to understand an unfolding incident and the related operational scenario.
  • Enhance efficiency by monitoring the field resources, constantly knowing where they are, optimising incident response processes and providing precious help to operatives.
Edit GIS directly on the field

Collecting and editing information directly on the field

By installing GIS data editing and inconsistency reporting tools directly on the smartphones, field operatives can provide a decisive input to data maintenance and certification.
  • Enable your field crews to collect location-referenced notes, maps, pictures, videos and audio recordings.
  • Provide your technical crews with network editing tools directly from the field, via smartphone or tablet, with the assistance of external precision GPS units.
Easy to use, easy to manage

Smartphones: easy to use for operatives and easy to manage for coordinators

  • A single device for all procedures!
  • Exploit our user-friendly smartphone applications.
  • Speed up the learning process for functionalities and operations by exploiting the familiarity people already have with their smartphone.
  • Install all the required tools on the operatives’ smartphones: GIS data, work orders, satellite navigator and technical support software.
Augmented reality and mixed reality

Augmented reality & mixed reality, the future of operations

At Arcoda we develop applications for smartphones and smartglasses based on augmented reality (by overlaying sensory information to the real-world environment) and mixed reality (by adding virtual objects to – and which are consistent with – a real-world environment). These applications feature a high degree of innovation and are ideal for utility companies looking to simplify the understanding of complex scenarios for field crews.
Thanks to these applications operatives can:
  • point the smartphone camera (or look through the smartglasses) at the electricity meter to immediately display the user information as a text overlay (name, power, diagnostics, etc.)
  • wear the glasses to visualise any underground or concealed network elements, to quickly identify any failures
  • during inspections, by wearing the glasses or using a smartphone, visualise any interferences between the networks directly on the site. Thus, any decisions that need to be taken can be based on information from the corporate GIS
  • receive remote support, by means of virtual object overlays onto real-world images, for guidance during operations
Fleet tracking & monitoring

GPS tracking of fleet vehicles and operations

Arcoda’s workforce management solutions include state-of-the-art functionalities for tracking fleet vehicles, operating in combination with other workforce management tools. These systems allow the best possible reorganisation of both vehicles and operatives, helping to cut costs and enhance service efficiency.
  • Monitor your fleet vehicles with our GNSS systems, for knowing the exact location of your resources at all times.
  • Automatically verify whether operations are still under way or have been completed by means of the map tracking tool.
  • Receive reports and dashboards for determining times, distances travelled, fuel consumption, activities carried out on behalf of third parties.
  • "Measure" vehicle use for bringing out any otherwise concealed critical aspects.
Tracking company assets

At last you can build a full and updated picture of how and where your assets are located on the ground

Arcoda solutions can literally put your assets on the map, in real time.
  • Constantly monitor and update the movements of machines and equipment (containers, chemical toilets, mobile equipment, etc.).
  • Map and find the position of all company assets, also by filtering searches based on specific information.