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Arcoda Asset

The easiest and most convenient way of always having an updated picture of your assets on the ground

A complete and up-to-date overview of the assets

A complete and up-to-date overview of the assets

Complete overview of the assets that allows for better management, fewer losses and a more effective use of resources.

Riduzione dei costi

Cost saving

Cost savings thanks to faster asset reachability, better layout strategy, decrease in inventory errors, elimination of paper documents.

Funziona offline

Works off-line

Works off-line too. Even when no service is available, the App remains active and as soon as the signal is back the data are synchronised with the database and sent to the central system.

With Asset, smartphones become tools for localising and mapping your assets on the ground!

Arcoda Asset is a software platform, consisting of an Android application and of a Web portal, designed by Arcoda to localise assets deployed on the ground. It tracks all of the mobile assets that, for technical and economic reasons, cannot be easily localised using specific GPS systems.

Application areas

Fields of application for Arcoda Mobile GIS


How does Arcoda Asset work?

On the Web portal, the platform manager prepares the list of assets to be tracked by the system. The Arcoda Asset application is installed on the operators’ Android smartphones while the assets to be tracked receive a NFC tag. The App encodes the assets by reading the tags, detects the GPS coordinates that allow to localise them, and sends all of the information to the central system (including any technical drawings, manuals, photographs, videos).

Asset general architecture

Easy to use, smart, cost cost-effective

Tracking assets with this app is quite simple! Install Arcoda asset, apply the NFC tag and put the phone near it.

Fasi di censimento di un asset
Install Arcoda Asset on the smartphone.
Apply the NFC tag to the asset to be tracked.
Encode the tag that is then immediately localised by the phone (GPS must be turned on).
The data are sent automatically to the central system.

Main features of Arcoda Asset

  • Cost-effective, simple tracking by means of low cost and robust NFC tags
  • Passige tags. No battery, no maintenance
  • Works off-line too
  • API to ensure systems interoperability (SAP, Microsoft)
  • Easy to install
  • Each asset can be stored with its picture taken by smartphone
  • Web portal for back office and android App
  • Export your reports to several formats for use in other applications
  • LDAP compliant
  • Encrypted storage and secured communications between smartphone and server
  • Designed to work as a standalone as well as in cooperation with other Arcoda products