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Arcoda WF Tracker

The ideal solution for tracking activities in real time

GPS tracking by means of smartphone

Smartphones to track your workforce activities

Discover all the advantages offered by a fleet location system that can be integrated with the other Arcoda suite modules. You may add to the tracking environment your GIS, the georeferenced management of your work orders, the location of your assets on the ground, the tracking of vehicle work activities and time stamping directly on board the vehicle!

Facile da usare

Easy to use, immediately operational!

Immediately operational personnel. Immediate learning also because of the familiarity they have with smartphones.


Ideal for tracking the activity of third partyi

Ideai also for tracking the activity of third party and interim personnel, who can use their own smartphone.

With Arcoda WF Tracker and a common smartphone, the tracking of workforce on the field is now even more simple and practical!

When managing work activities on the field, tracking - even in real time - of the work performed by each operator/vehicle is precious in terms of the reporting of the work actually done and of the benefit of having a continuously updated picture of the work progress status. Arcoda WF Tracker is the simplest and most practical solution to these needs, also because it exploits one of the most popular and widespread tools in the world: the smartphone.

Application areas

Fields of application for Arcoda WF Tracker


How does WF Tracker track the activities?

The Arcoda Web portal allows to consult the real time and historical data of all the activities tracked by the smartphones equipped with the Arcoda WF Tracker app. The collected data are then displayed in map, graph and table format. The data can be exported in many ways, allowing the use of third party software in analysing the information and for reporting (Microsoft Excel, for example).

WF Tracker general architecture
Operators' data, type of activity, GPS tracks, times, distances
Each operator on the field records the start and the end of his activity by means of the smartphone
The smartphone sends the recorded data to the managing centre as soon as an internet connection is available
The web portal shows all the collected details of the carried out work activities on the field. This data are displayed in map, g raph and table format
Information can be exported in many ways (standard and customized formats)

What must the operator do on the Arcoda WF Tracker app? Nothing could be simpler!

  1. 1
    Select from a list the activity to be performed
  2. 2
    Press START ACTIVITY to start the tracking
  3. 3
    pause play
    Press PAUSE ACTIVITY and START ACTIVITY when taking a break
  4. 4
    Press END ACTIVITY to terminate the work session

Clear and simple

The interface was designed to be simple and easy to use. Also who rarely uses this app (third party and interim personnel) will have no difficulty in mastering WF Tracker

Works off-line too.

Even when no service is available, the app remains active and as soon as the signal is back the data are sent to the central system.

Free yourself from the loan of tracking devices

WF tracker allows to avoid the loan of tracking devices, because only the installation of WF Tracker app on an ordinary Android smartphone is required

Main features of Arcoda WF Tracker

  • Android App and web portal
  • Encrypted storage and secured communications between smartphone and server
  • Integrates with with Geographic Information Systems, Work Force management Systems and Business platforms
  • Works in cooperation with other Arcoda products (Arcoda Work suite)
  • Reports can be exported in many ways (e.g. Excel)
  • Easy to install