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Arcoda Sat

The all-round platform for GPS fleet tracking which also remotely monitors activities

Smart tracking

Smart tracking

Enhanced quality vehicle route tracking. Points along the route are sampled at between 2 and 60 second intervals based on the route geometry

Monitoraggio sessioni di lavoro e telemetria

Monitoring of work activities and tools

Monitors the work activities of the personnel and of the machines installed on the vehicles. Provides telemetry readings of the on board measuring sensors and instruments.

Sinergy with management systems

Works in sinergy with other systems

Integrates with the company procedures, in synergy with the local business and work force management systems.


Remote management of digital tachograps and driver cards

You manage digital tachographs and driver cards remotely. It's quick and easy! Read more

The most advanced solution for fleet tracking

Arcoda Sat is the ideal solution for effortlessly monitoring vehicle fleets. The platform is a window on driver activity on the ground providing a continuously updated picture on vehicle location, based on the use of Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and other map applications.

Application areas

Fields of application for Arcoda Mobile GIS

  • Haulage
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Public transport and hired vehicles
  • Urban sanitation
  • Waste collection
  • Building contractors
  • On-the-ground maintenance
  • Land reclamation consortiums
  • Earthworks
  • Snow removal
  • Sales force

Scopri la localizzazione flotte pensata anche per le utility e le aziende che erogano servizi ambientali.


Arcoda Sat, the GPS fleet location platform that rises above the commonly used tracking solutions!

Arcoda Sat, besides geolocating vehicle fleets, also provides other advanced functions that make it a unique and innovative product. It is, in fact, an all-round platform for GPS fleet tracking, which also remotely monitors activities by means of onboard tools and devices. Arcoda Sat offers specific functions for checking both in-house and outsourced activities.

Fuel consumption
Power take off
Engine running / not running
Temperature of the cold storage
Driver recognition
Overturning alarm
Hours of activity

How does Arcoda Sat fleet tracking work?

Enhanced quality vehicle route tracking! The figure belows summarizes how this platform works. Vehicles are equipped with a tiny satellite tracking device. It collects the map coordinates and interfaces with the sensors of the vehicle. This device gathers location and telemetry data and forwards them to the Arcoda server. Points along the route are sampled according to specific smart algorythms.

General architecture of Sat
If there is an alarm, Sms and email are sent directly (e.g. overturning alarm)
The web portal allows to draw special virtual areas (POI, Polygon Of Interest), which can also trigger alerts and notification (e.g., a vehicle abandons an area in a specific time range).
Vehicles on the ground are tracked by means of tiny GPS devices installed on board
GPS data and telemetry reach the Arcoda server
Information on the server can be accessed by any computer (web portal) or mobile device (web app)

Real-time tracking and tracking history

Thanks to a set of sophisticated algorithms, the system can interpret satellite data to clearly display the journey routes, vehicle device activity, stops and prolonged stops with engine on or off. It analyses the data and features various dashboards for controlling the fleet use indicators, storing the data for up to a year.

Fuel consumption

This chart shows the fuel tank level in a given time range

The Arcoda Sat units installed on the vehicles are directly connected to the vehicle’s CAN BUS to monitor fuel consumption and fuel tank levels for effectively controlling costs.

Driver recognition

Badge insertion The driver recognition occurs thanks to RFID badges

For safety purposes, the vehicle units provide a driver recognition feature and badge-based monitoring (NFC, RFID 125 MHz, iButton), for the centralised management of driver authorisations.

GIS integration

Arcoda Sat features a GIS (Geographic Information System) module for displaying the trackings in relation to the corporate infrastructure (clients, offices, networks, delivery points) and displaying other mapping backgrounds in addition to those of Google Maps® such as, for example land registry maps, orthophotos, CTN, Open Street Map.

Deadline reminder

The system also offers a deadline reminder function as regards insurance premiums, ownership tax payments, scheduled vehicle inspections and maintenance, based on dates, kilometres travelled or hours of use. The function can send reminders by email to one or more addresses.


The GPS location units may be interfaced with the digital tachograph for the automatic remote downloading and storage of the vehicle and driver data, in accordance with the law. The data is processed to determine any violations and to automatically generate a warning letter.

Notices and alerts

Arcoda Sat also features tools for generating notices and alerts. Notices can be sent in conjunction with circumstances involving a degree of interaction of the vehicles with certain specific places of interest (entries, exits) or in certain so-called “protection” time-slots defined by the user. The circumstances and events that trigger an alert may be managed by means of text messages, emails or through the support of a central control room.

Graphs, tracking history and reports

Arcoda Sat creates detailed reports that may be displayed in the portal or exported in the most widely used formats (pdf, xls, csv, txt, rtf). Reports on distance travelled, speed, hours of vehicle use, fuel consumption, work sessions, entries or exits into or from special areas, as defined by the user directly on the map, driver ID, tachograph, battery charge level, refrigerator compartment temperature, etc.. The reports and graphs may be tailored to suit the user’s needs.

Perfect synergy with the other Arcoda Work suite products for fleet monitoring and management

Discover all the advantages offered by a fleet location system that can be integrated with the other Arcoda suite modules. You may add to the tracking environment your GIS, the georeferenced management of your work orders, the location of your assets on the ground, the tracking of vehicle work activities and time stamping directly on board the vehicle!

Main features of Arcoda Sat

  • Web-based, desktop and mobile
  • End-to-end encrypted
  • LDAP compliant
  • Fully customizable background maps
  • Vehicles may be organized in categories
  • Geofencing with alarm and notification functionalities
  • Smart tracking
  • Continuous monitoring of GPS devices
  • Can be integrated with Geographic Information Systems, work force management platform and business platforms
  • Customizable themes
  • Temporary users
  • Profiling of users

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