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Arcoda Mobile GIS

The Utility GIS available on smartphone

Works offline

It's designed to be used even in the absence of an internet connection. The highest level of service continuity!

Mobile GIS rises above the commonly used mobile GIS solutions. The app was designed to be used even in the absence of an internet connection. The workers can carry out their work tasks regardless of any potential network failures.

Trasformazione digitale

Paperless management

GIS data are stored on Android based smartphones and tablets used by teams in the field: from paper to digital! Speed up your organisation processes and take advantage of real-time data flow. Discover how Mobile GIS allows to edit your networks directly from the field, also by means of augmented reality modules.


Really fast!

Thanks to the local storage of data, the app provides immediate feedback to any query. No slowdown, no hesitation!

Mobile GIS, the on the move GIS solution that makes the difference

Arcoda Mobile GIS allows to deploy cartography from the managing centre to teams inthe field using mobile devices. It is also useful for sending warnings from the field to the managing centre. The mobile app provides specific forms that can be filled with annotations and attachments (GPS geographical coordinates, pictures, documents, screenshots). By means of the web portal, team managers can investigate each warning (descriptions, images with annotations, geographical coordinates etc.), and take the necessary measures.

Areas of application

Fields of application for Arcoda Mobile GIS


How does Arcoda Mobile GIS work?

Mobile GIS carries out a variety of tasks, ranging from providing GIS directly on operators' smartphone to the quick reading of meters by means of augmented reality modules.

Arcoda Mobile GIS interfaces teams on the field with the headquarters, managing the data flow between headquarters and mobile devices and vice-versa. and providing access to "non-mobile" users. Furthermore, no internet connectivity is required! The workers can carry out their work tasks regardless of any potential network failure. Indeed, Arcoda Mobile GIS app was designed to operate with locally stored data.

General architecture of Mobile GIS
The smartphones synchronize with the remote server, getting cartography and technical documentation. At the same time, they send warning, attachments and GIS data to the server (e.g. network editings, images). Information are also shown on the web portal and provided to other systems.

Mobile GIS to enhance your already existing systems

Mobile GIS was developed to fully integrate with already operational GIS systems. This means that:

  1. The installation of Mobile GIS occurs in parallel to the already existing services
  2. The introduction of Mobile GIS potentiates the efficacy of the infrastructures already in operation
  3. Mobile GIS preserves and enhances the investiments which have been made

The illustration below shows Mobile GIS cooperating with already existing Geographic Information Systems. The role of Mobile GIS is to provide network maps and technical documentation to the employees in the field. At the same time, Mobile GIS collects warnings and editings from the field, and forwards them to the Geographic Information Systems or to further ERP solutions.

How to introduce Mobile GIS in your company

Deploy of cartography and documentation

The Android smartphones of the employees synchronize GIS data and documentation with the server. Sync policy can also be set according to the user's preferences (full download, delta sync, auto, on-demand). Once that data have been downloaded (network maps, technical schemes, guides etc.) smartphones are fully functional, and no further connection with the managing centre is needed!

Sending warnings and notes from the field

  1. The employees in the field can fill specific forms directly from the Mobile GIS app (e.g. reporting a failure, or highlight the need for cleaning services in a defined area). Warnings shall reach the managing centre as soon as network connectivity is available. Some examples of warnings are briefly given below:
    • text
    • images supplemented by drawings and annotations(finger or stylus). For example, it may be useful to point out specific parts of an electrical panel
    • screenshots of maps supplemented by drawings and annotations (finger or stylus). For example, it may be useful to point out areas on a map
  2. Warnings are quickly shown on the web portal, in tabular or graphic form. The web portal shows in real-time the same maps, networks, reports and attachments that are available on the mobile app. Each warning can be promptly investigated (description, images, maps) and taken over, and - if necessary - served to other ERP Systems (Sap, Microsoft etc.)

Quick use of navigator

Once an item has been identified on the map (e.g. an electrical box), specific buttons at the foot of the screen refer to the phone navigator or Google Street View which, once pressed, open up with the pre-set item destination (i.e. the Electrical box).

Editing the network directly from the field

A specific Mobile GIS module allows to draw networks on smartphone screen. Employees in the field may finally update networks directly from the actual scenario by means of a stylus or of the cell-phone GPS.

Editing the network with Mobile GIS connected to external devices

Mobile GIS for Android was designed to operate with the help of external devices too.

Mobile GIS and precise positioning receivers

A high-performance GNSS receiver connected to Mobile GIS via Bluetooth

The precise positioning receivers, connected via Bluetooth, are ideal for network design, where the positioning of items on the map needs to be very accurate.

Mobile GIS and laser distance meters

Leica Disto

Mobile GIS was designed to be used in combination with distance meters too. This feature is useful when the network design requires to take account of distances and heights.

Meter recognition and reading (augmented reality)

This augmented reality module allows you to use Mobile GIS to quickly recognize electricity meters by means of the smartphone camera, and to superimpose information associated with each meter (diagnostic, to-do list, information related to the customer, installed power).

The app was designed to be used even in the absence of an internet connection. This feature is even more valuable in meters reading, because they are frequently located in basements, where network connectivity lacks.

Mobile GIS and smartglasses


Mobile GIS make best use of the most modern augmented reality and mixed reality technologies. Arcoda Mobile GIS is opening up opportunities that were quite unthinkable until recently!

Beyond maps: laserscan integration


Arcoda Mobile GIS adopts the most modern mapping technologies. Laser scanning captures the shape of objects and buildings, and allows to capture the world in 3D. Mobile GIS manages these 3d models, and brings territory exploration also inside facilities.

Main features of Arcoda Mobile GIS

  • Arcoda Mobile GIS database is stored on smartphones. Arcoda Mobile GIS app is fully functioning on the device even without internet connection. A guarantee of service continuity!
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to ensure extremely high security levels
  • LDAP compatibility
  • Customizable and selectable carographic backgrounds
  • Representation of networks: simple links or complete topology
  • Customizable searches
  • User profiling, temporary accounts, accounts with restrictions
  • API to ensure systems interoperability
  • Integrates Google Street View
  • Application server and web portal
  • Designed to work as a standalone as well as in cooperation with other Arcoda products